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Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in our 20’s anymore.

matesMonday night was “date night” for Mike & I. Our first date night that actually took place AT NIGHT. (What a concept!)

It was also the first time that we weren’t able to put our little rosebuds to bed ourselves. *sniff* My sister arrived around 6:30, I kissed the girls goodbye, and we headed downtown to see Mates of State.

Downtown Buffalo is very… vacant. Being that it was a Monday night, it was even more so. We found a place to park and walked a few blocks (in the rain) to the venue. We expected to see a line waiting to get in, but it was eerily quiet. The guy at the door seemed kinda giddy to have someone to talk to as we gave him our ID’s. We made our way inside and sat down at a table near the stage. There was a handful of people with us, awkwardly milling around. It was going to be a long night.

Eventually the opening bands played. The first was some dude who played music over his laptop while he wanked on his guitar. I am SO not a fan of wanking. Snoozeville. Next was a band that I would have loved in my early 20’s. Not so much in my mid-30’s. It just made me feel… old.

I had plans of letting loose and getting a few drinks (something I very rarely do)… However, my “boring old mom” gene kicked in and I ordered a veggie wrap (it was awful) and a black coffee. Yep, a coffee. At a show. On date night.

Once Mates started setting up their gear, we got up from our seats at the table and *gasp* stood up near the stage. My feet were soaked through from walking through the rain and I was hoping that people would fill in around us to keep me warm. Didn’t happen. Despite the wetness/shivering, the show was pretty enjoyable. They played a few of my favorite older songs and a brand spankin’ new one that we were the first to hear.

By the end of the night, my back was killing me, my feet were frozen, and I felt like an 80-year old. I couldn’t wait to get home, shower, and kiss my sleeping babies. At one point during the night I half-jokingly asked Mike if this was going to be our last show. He laughed and nodded. Looking back now, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was… I mean, who needs a live show when you’ve got iTunes to listen to and sweet babies to kiss goodnight — all while wearing your slippers? Just add coffee & you’ve got yourself a perfect date night.


Here’s a little video I made of the show with my iPhone. Not the best quality, but what can ya do…

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Swings are… fun?

We took the girls to the park yesterday with one goal in mind: Some good old fashioned springtime swing time! Weee! 

I LOVED swings when I was little (hell, I still do today), so I was looking forward to seeing the pure joy on the girls’ faces as we pushed them through the air for the very first time. The giggles of delight as they excitedly swung higher and higher…

Soooo you can imagine my disappointment when things ended up looking more like… well, this:



"Why am I in a rubber bucket with leg holes?"

“Why am I in a rubber bucket with leg holes?”

"Mom, this thing smells like other babies' butts..."

“Mom, this thing smells like other babies’ butts…”

"So... Is this supposed to be fun or something? I... don't get it."

“So… Is this supposed to be fun or something? I… don’t get it.”

"Hey Chloe! Does yours smell like other babies' butts too?"

“Hey Chloe! Does yours smell like other babies’ butts too?”

Ah, babies.

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A little bit of happy.

I started drafting a “real” post, but in light of all the crummy things going on in the world right now, I thought I’d just share a couple of uplifting videos instead. (And I might be experiencing a bit of writer’s block too, but let’s keep that on the down-low.)

First, the much talked about national anthem from the Sabres/Bruins game in Boston the other night. I wouldn’t say that I’m a very patriotic person, but this most definitely brought tears to my eyes. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out. If you already have, it’s worth seeing again. :)

Next, the 5th installment of “2 weeks in 2 minutes” (early April edition). Cute babies make people happy, yes? It also features a couple embarrassing photos of Mikes as a young nerdling. Guaranteed chuckles at his expense!

And last, but certainly not least… the great Mitch Hedberg. I discovered him in the mid-90’s and still kick myself for not seeing him when he came to Buffalo in 2005, the same year that he died. (Crap, this is supposed to be uplifting…ugh.) Just watch it!

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Why is 6 afraid of 7?*

8 months!

Yesterday the girls turned 8 months old.


How did this even happen? Where did my teeny little babies go?! Ahhhh!!

In keeping with tradition, I took their monthly “sit on the couch/lay down with letter magnets” photos yesterday afternoon. But I also took some shots of them in their nursery, pre-bath. Both sets produced a few keepers, so in true “proud mamma” fashion, I’m going to share both of them. However, I won’t totally bombard my poor readers with a gazillion baby photos at once. (You’re welcome.) I’ll save the nursery photos for another post.

Soooo here’s the “usual” (boring?) shots:

Fun fact: I've had these magnets on my fridge for as long as I can remember. Way before even considering having kids. I'm cool like that.

Fun fact: I’ve had these magnets on my fridge for as long as I can remember. Way before even considering having kids. I’m cool(?) like that.

Chloe has been the queen of goofy/awkward faces lately. Ev is not impressed.

Chloe has been the queen of goofy/awkward faces lately. Ev is not impressed.

"Don't talk smack about my sister, mom..."

“Don’t talk smack about my sister, mom…”

"What? Who you talkin' smack about, mamma?"

“What? Who you talkin’ smack about, mamma?”

"Talk smack about us, you get no smiles!!"

“Talk smack about us, you get no smiles!!”

"Take all the pics you want, we're NOT gonna smile for you..."

“Take all the pics you want, we’re NOT gonna smile for you…”

"Did you hear that, mom? Chloe totally farted!"

“Woah! Did you hear that, mom? Chloe totally farted!”

"We still don't wanna smile... but... FARTS ARE HILARIOUS!!!"

“We still don’t wanna smile… but… FARTS ARE HILARIOUS!!!”


And here’s the “Late March 2013” edition of “2 weeks in 2 minutes”:
(It was more like ONE minute, but eh… what can ya do…)


*cos 7 8 9.

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Life, in 6-second increments

Yep, I’m officially addicted to yet another social media app: Good ol’ Vine.

You’ve probably seen it whored out plastered all over Instagram/various blogs throughout the last few weeks. It seemed to kinda pop up out of nowhere one day, when everyone and their dog decided to hop on board. Me thinks some of the bigger bloggers may have been given a little “incentive” to promote the hell out of it, but eh… Either way, it’s a pretty rad app.

Put simply (since I’m not getting paid for this, pfft): The app allows you to easily create short, 6-second stop-motion videos. They can then be posted to your Vine account so that others can view/like them, or you can share them via Twitter/Facebook. Don’t wanna share? That’s a-ok! The videos are automatically saved to your camera roll too. Awe. Some.

I’ve had way too much fun making silly little clips of the girls and other random bits of my daily life with this neat lil’ app. Oh, and did I mention this shiz is FREE? Yep. Just how I like it.

Today I decided to combine my favorite clips into one longer 2-minute video. Warning: It’s baby-heavy. Enjoy!

Feel free to follow me on Vine – not sure how to easily link to my profile yet, so just search for “Wendy Rose”. :)

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Oh, October… How I love thee.

Autumn is in full swing & I couldn’t be happier!

I’m sitting on my comfy couch, sipping pumpkin spice coffee, half-listening to Anderson Cooper as he kindly provides background noise. The girls are asleep (well, one is) and the space heater is kickin’ out the warmz.

Cardigans are an everyday staple now and slippers never leave my feet.

The house is adorned with candy corn lights, vintage-inspired Halloween decorations, and orange candles. Patient pumpkins sit on a kitchen chair, waiting to be carved.

Needless to say, October is one of my favorite months of the year and I plan to savor every bit of it! — But it’s already halfway over! Noooo!

With that said, here are some highlights of my month so far, via good ol’ Instagram:

Mike & I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary with dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant. From top left: Vegetarian vegetable soup, vegetable tempura, Asian pumpkin tofu curry. Soooo good!!

Chloe has been full of goofy faces lately. She’s definitely the more expressive twin.


Sleepy Everly.

Picking out pumpkins at the stand near my parent’s house. Felt so weird having to buy FOUR this year!

We got 2 big pumpkins and 2 medium-sized ones for $8.00. Not too shabby.

Hanging out in bed with mommy & daddy, watching godawful Saturday morning kids shows.

Hope everyone else is having a fun-tastic October too!! :) Oh, and feel free to follow me on Instagram (username “veganwendy”)!

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Remembering April, with a bit o’ help from Instagram.

Well, daaamn April, you sure came and left in a hurry. Sup wit dat?

I seriously can’t believe it’s almost May — and that I’m already more than halfway through my pregnancy. What. The. Heck?

Time has been going by so fast that it’s gotten hard to remember what I’ve done from one day to the next. Thankfully, I still take time to snap a ton of photos with my iPhone & upload ’em to Instagram so I have a nice little visual record of my daily activities. Hurrah!

With that said, here’s a quick “April in Review“, Instagram-style!

sick girl

Easter was no fun. It was the only day (knock on wood) that I’ve thrown up during my pregnancy. I was stuck in bed instead of enjoying Easter festivities at my parent’s house. Boo.twins 18 weeks

Went for my 18-week anatomy scan. That’s when we found out that we’re having 2 little girls! Awwww…

windy day window

We had a few “open up all the windows in the middle of April” days. I loved feeling the breeze throughout the house. So nice!vegan pancakes merge

Mike & I went for brunch at Merge, where I had vegan red velvet pancakes. Soooo rich & filling! After that, we went to Cowpok to get my naval ring removed. I’d had it for over 10 years & figured it wouldn’t quite hold up through a twin pregnancy. I look so bare now!little wendy turtle

I stumbled upon an old photo of me circa 1980 or so. Looks like I’ve always had a fondness for turtles.

pregnancy parking

I parked in an “expectant moms only” spot for the first time. Look at those clouds, I’d be crazy not to!

old bottles window

Part of my (mostly) vintage glass bottle collection. I love how they look in my big, old windows!

snarky lego guyI saw this snarky-looking Lego guy in Target. He looks like he’s just asking to be punched in the face, doesn’t he? Pow!

young until i die punk

A dorky self-portrait from earlier today, trying to remind my 33-year old pregnant self that there’s still a 16-yr old punk rock girl within me. :)

(If anyone wants to follow me on Instagram, my username is “veganwendy”.)

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Best friends, bad hairstyles & the burning of couches

punk girl

Yep, I used to look like this. Sorry mom.

Last weekend I went for Thai food with an old friend whom I hadn’t seen in ten years. We sat in the quiet restaurant for about two hours, laughing and reminiscing about all of the stupid things we did together when we were younger. At some point we must have gotten a little, um… loud, as the waitress seemed to keep her distance and the other tables cleared out pretty soon after we arrived. Haha! Just like old times…

Mai-Ling and I met way back in 5th grade, in Mr. Flory’s class at City Honors School (we were big smartypants-es!). Our unlikely friendship was initiated when I decided to shoot spit balls at her in the middle of class. How this disgusting act led to us being friends is beyond me… But nonetheless, a friendship was formed and we were inseparable throughout the rest of our adolescence.

Over the course of our friendship there was one common theme that continued to pop up: We did really STUPID shit together. Like, really, really stupid shit.

The first time Mai-Ling came over to my house, we conjured up a brilliant idea to go in my swimming pool. Now, this wouldn’t be considered “stupid”, except for the fact that it was the middle of WINTER. The pool was covered in a sheet of ice and we took it upon ourselves to climb up onto the deck and proceed to walk on the frozen water. Brilliant! Lucky for us, my mom soon spotted us from the kitchen window & yelled at us to get the hell out of the pool. Good thing she caught us before our friendship/lives came to a cold, abrupt end. Thanks mom!

As we got older, our hi-jinx got even dumber.


Mid-90's. Yeah, we were idiots.


Believe it or not, we *did* graduate high school!

Like most teenagers, we spent a good deal of time at the mall. In particular, the mall arcade. On one occasion, while playing air hockey, we decided it would be fun(?!) to steal the air hockey puck. Um…? Yeah. So we did just that. We smuggled the yellow plastic disc out of the arcade and walked across the hall (aisle? – other side of the mall) to kick the puck around. Oh, but not before writing “We stole this puck ?/?/94” (unsure of the date) in black marker ON THE PUCK. (Again, brilliant!) So there we were, kicking the stolen disc around — which was loudclink, clink, clank… Until a security guard strolled up to us and we got *busted* (despite me oh-so-cleverly trying to hide the puck under my foot). Our guilt was literally written all over the puck, so we were thenceforth banned from the arcade for life. Ugh. Only us.

The absolute STUPIDEST THING of all the stupid things that we did can be summed up in two little words: The couch.

Ah, the couch. Imagine if you will, an old, beat-up couch perched on the side of a road. Its thick, tweed-ish fabric, a lovely plaid mix of green, brown, and white. A relic of the 60’s or 70’s, its glory days were long gone and it was destined to be taken away by the city trash collectors. Orrrr was it? — Enter Wendy & Mai-Ling, two young girls with time to kill and pastel lighters in their pockets — a dangerous combination.

When we first came upon the couch, I began jumping on it like Billie Joe in Green Day’s “Longview” video. I think I was stabbing it with a knife as well. (Hey, I told you we were stupid.) Once I got my fill of jumping & stabbing, we did what any teenage girls would do(!), we lit a tissue on fire & threw it on the couch to see if it would burn. To our dismay, the tissue quickly incinerated, but the couch remained in tact. We picked up a cushion and discovered a tag that read “inflammable”, which we assumed meant “cannot be burned”. (Ugh!) So we lit another tissue for giggles, threw it on the couch, and walked away. We got about 20 feet, turned around, and saw them — the FLAMES! The couch — the inflammable couch — was engulfed in flames! We freaked the hell out and began running away… We ran and ran, ending up in my grandmother’s back yard. We took refuge behind her shed, afraid to move. We sat there motionless, on a dirty wooden plank, as the sirens approached. Police cars and fire engines whizzed by on the streets surrounding us. We threw our lighters over my grandmother’s fence & prepared for a lifetime in jail.

After about a half hour, once the smoke had cleared (har har), we ventured out from our hiding place and went back to my parent’s house. When it was time to take Mai-Ling home, my mom drove us right past the scene of the crime. The couch was no longer a couch. It was a charred, blackened frame. My mom noticed it and said something like “Wow, someone burned that couch!”… Yeeeah… someone.

A few days later, we went back to pay respects to our dear, charred friend. We managed to find a scrap of fabric that somehow hadn’t been burned & took it home as a souvenir. And yeah, I still have it:


RIP - the couch.

As dumb as we were back then, I don’t regret any of it. We had fun and (hopefully) didn’t hurt anyone else in the process. Today, we’re both responsible adults who have yet to spend a day in jail. We live in houses with inflammable couches and they’re safe. We don’t walk on frozen water and we’ve outgrown the urge to steal air hockey pucks. Yep, we turned out pretty damn awesome.


Probably the most recent (and sadly, blurry) photo of us, circa 1999 or so.

Now that we’ve rekindled our friendship, I truly hope that we never lose touch again. I want my two little rosebuds to know Auntie Mai-Ling and hear all about the silly things that she & mommy did when they were young. (And to know that I’ll kick their little asses if they ever try to repeat them!) :)

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Savoring of lazy days & the absence of all things sticky

breezes in the kitchen

Kitchen ghosts??? Nahh… Just a lil’ wind.

Yesterday we hit a record-breaking high of 82-degrees here in the Buffalo area — and though I didn’t spend any time outside, I tried to enjoy it the best I could.

I opened up some windows & doors and let the breeze meander its way throughout the house. The sunlight trickled in, casting shadows everywhere. The whole house took on a very peaceful, surreal vibe. It was perfect.

Most of the afternoon was spent sorting through a 3-foot stack of old Vegetarian Times magazines — clipping recipes and piling them back up for recycling.

As of today, I’m 19 weeks pregnant & I think the nesting bug has already set in. I’m finding myself getting more & more annoyed by clutter and randomly placed “things”. I just need to remind myself that all of this “stuff” is only going to be replaced with more stuff once the twins arrive — drool-covered, sticky, germ-filled kid stuff. Weeeee!

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Goats & pigs & chickens, oh my!

down on the farm

Mike loooves vacations. Pssh.

Mike and I don’t take many trips. In the time that we’ve been together (since 2008), we’ve only gone to a handful of places, all of which were a couple hours away. He’s not a fan of long car trips. (Or, you know, leaving the house.)

Fortunately for me, Farm Sanctuary‘s New York shelter is only about a two-hour drive from Buffalo. A quite scenic, lovely drive!

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, Farm Sanctuary is a great day trip destination if you live in upstate New York (or thereabouts). It’s also close to Watkins Glen, which offers some good vegan dining options, including vegan soft serve ice cream! Heck yes!

At the farm, there are plenty of rescued pigs, cows, goats, chickens, sheep & various other critters who are happy to pose for photos and give kisses. There are guided tours every hour, which are fun & informative for vegans & non-vegans alike.

I know I’m only 16 weeks pregnant, but I’m already looking forward to taking the twins there. So many great photo ops!

i fell in love with a baby goat

There were so many baby goats!

baby goat

Drink up, lil’ goat!


Such a pretty clucker!

happy pig

The piggies all looked so happy!



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