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Vegan Presence November Package Review


Vegan Presence time again! It feels like I just reviewed October’s package… Geez. Time always flies this time of year. Slow down, autumn!!

Sadly, this is the final month of my 6-mo subscription. I had my husband get it for me for Mother’s Day and now I have to figure out how to convince him to let me renew. Early Christmas gift? I LOVE this sub and don’t wanna see it end… Wahhhh!

Okay, let’s see what they sent this month! Continue reading

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September Vegan Presence Review

Pretty bows! (and chips)

Pretty bows! (and chips)

I love that Vegan Presence ships at the beginning of the month. LOVE. IT. However, that said, this month’s offerings were kinda disappointing for me.

As always, the items were beautifully packaged. That’s never an issue. They always put such care into wrapping everything up so nicely and making you feel like you’re opening gifts from a friend. It’s a nice, personal touch that I really appreciate.

I suppose my “issue” this month was due to the fact that they had a guest curator choose all of the items. Normally, this wouldn’t be a biggie, except that the person chosen runs a beauty blog. As anyone who’s been reading here for a while knows, beauty is NOT my thing. (Did I just proclaim my ugliness? That’s not exactly what I meant…) I guess I’m just unadventurous when it comes to beauty products. When I find something that works, I just keep on keepin’ on. I’m not a fan of trying new things when it comes to face lotion, cleansers, etc. However, I do realize that I’m in the minority here. So I’m not saying this box is “bad”, it’s just not for me. Make sense? Awesome!

Okay… Enough rambling… Let’s see what I got!

Continue reading

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Vegan Presence Review – July

This is my second delivery of Vegan Presence and once again, I LOVE it! But who wouldn’t? Pretty little packages of vegan goodies delivered to your door every month — what’s NOT to love? (Bonus: They ship at the beginning of the month so I got this bundle of awesome on the 3rd. Nice!)

As with my June package, I took all of the items out and snapped some photos of ’em in their modest, wrapped up state before I unveiled their contents. The care that Vegan Presence puts into their packaging puts other boxes to shame. To shame, I say!

Yep, I'm a sucker for ribbons.

So. Much. Pretty!

So what was inside all of these lovely presents? Funny you should ask…

Continue reading

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Vegan Cuts May Snack Box Review

I’ve been wanting to try a Vegan Cuts Snack Box for a long time, so when they recently offered to send me the May box to review I was beyond excited.

What’s a Vegan Cuts Snack Box, you say? Well, it’s only one of the best subscription boxes out there, that’s what! For $19.95/month, they send you a box chock full o’ vegan goodness. Each box includes 7-10 vegan (and mostly gluten-free) products like treats, household essentials, beauty products, etc. Of course, the majority of the items are snacks, hence the name. Hey, no complaints here!

Okay, so let’s see what’s inside!

Oh, hello box o' vegan treats.

Oh, hello box o’ vegan treats.

Handy dandy info card.

Handy dandy info card.

This cute little information card listed all of the products in this month’s box. The theme was “summer fun time”. Sounds… fun! Continue reading

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My new addiction / Conscious Box “Mystery Box” Review April 2013

Confession: I’m addicted to subscription boxes. Like, unhealthily so.

What’s a subscription box, you ask? Welp, basically it’s a box that you receive in the mail (usually monthly) that’s chock full o’ goodies. They can range from $10/month to $50+, depending on the company/products offered. Some will tell you what will be in the boxes before they ship, but most don’t (which is the fun part!). Nothing beats a good mystery box… Well, unless it totally sucks. haha ;)

There’s a TON of companies doing this now, so you’re bound to find something that tickles your fancy. I’ve seen boxes for moms/babies (Citrus Lane, Bluum, Stork Stack), for nerds (Loot Crate, Booty Bin), makeup lovers (Birchbox, Beauty Army, Pop Sugar), for pets (Barkbox, Pawalla), foodies (Love with Food, NatureBox), etc, etc… Subscriptionboxes.com is a good resource to browse a lot of the more popular boxes out there. A good tip is to Google reviews of the boxes that you’re interested, to see what past boxes contained and whether or not it seems like a good match/value for you.

The only box that I currently subscribe to is Conscious Box. (I’m hoping to add to my addiction soon!) It’s currently a top-rated box on Subscriptionboxes.com and is $20/month, including shipping. They offer eco-friendly products, including household cleaners, healthy snacks, eco-conscious gadgets, baby products, etc. Each box contains 10-20 samples/full sized products. There are 3 different box options: Classic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan (yay!).

The last couple of boxes from them have been a little… underwhelming. However, they recently offered a “Mystery Box” that they promised to be jam-packed with goodies. So I crossed my fingers and ordered one. It arrived today, and holy guacamole, is it AWESOME!

The Mystery Box, in all its glory.

The Mystery Box, in all its glory.

As promised, the box was PACKED with awesomeness. When I caught a glimpse of the macaroons, I knew that ordering this was a brilliant call on my part. Go me. Continue reading

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Oh, October… How I love thee.

Autumn is in full swing & I couldn’t be happier!

I’m sitting on my comfy couch, sipping pumpkin spice coffee, half-listening to Anderson Cooper as he kindly provides background noise. The girls are asleep (well, one is) and the space heater is kickin’ out the warmz.

Cardigans are an everyday staple now and slippers never leave my feet.

The house is adorned with candy corn lights, vintage-inspired Halloween decorations, and orange candles. Patient pumpkins sit on a kitchen chair, waiting to be carved.

Needless to say, October is one of my favorite months of the year and I plan to savor every bit of it! — But it’s already halfway over! Noooo!

With that said, here are some highlights of my month so far, via good ol’ Instagram:

Mike & I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary with dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant. From top left: Vegetarian vegetable soup, vegetable tempura, Asian pumpkin tofu curry. Soooo good!!

Chloe has been full of goofy faces lately. She’s definitely the more expressive twin.


Sleepy Everly.

Picking out pumpkins at the stand near my parent’s house. Felt so weird having to buy FOUR this year!

We got 2 big pumpkins and 2 medium-sized ones for $8.00. Not too shabby.

Hanging out in bed with mommy & daddy, watching godawful Saturday morning kids shows.

Hope everyone else is having a fun-tastic October too!! :) Oh, and feel free to follow me on Instagram (username “veganwendy”)!

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Remembering June, the month of non-stop eating.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of July! — July!!

If Baby A continues to mercilessly kick on my cervix (the girl wants OUT!), it’s very possible that July will be their birth month. Of course I’m hoping to keep them in longer, but I’ll be 34 weeks at the end of the month, so it wouldn’t be awful if they came that soon. Plus, I really can’t wait to meet them! And be able to breathe/sleep/walk/leave the house again!

I’m way overdue for a “bumpdate” post, but I haven’t been taking many self portraits lately. Being on bedrest gives me no motivation to do my hair or makeup, so I’m not exactly feeling very photogenic these days. I’ll try to make myself presentable next week for a 30-wk update. No promises.

For now, here’s a little recap of the month of June, Instagram-style. (Where it appears that all I did this month was EAT.)

vegan pizza

I made a perfect vegan cheese pizza that I’ve been craving since it was gone, but Wegmans has been out of Daiya for the last 2 weeks. Boo.

sweet corn

I’ve eaten corn on the cob every week since it’s been in season. So good!

vegan burrito

Mike & I made burritos with Boca crumbles, Daiya, lettuce & tomatoes. Not the most photogenic meal, but so good!

Grilled Daiya, Tofurky & tomato sammies. I had this for dinner like 4 times in the last 2 weeks. mmmm!


At the hospital, where we waited 2 hours for a steroid shot in my butt. Not a fun day.

vegan cake

Piece of the vegan cake that my MIL made for me. I wish I had more left!


Flowers that I planted on our back porch. All pink to welcome the twins!

vegan cinnamon roll

Cinnamon roll from Christmas that I found in my freezer. haha It was still delicious!

baby clothes

I went through all of the baby clothes we got the other day, cutting off tags & getting them ready for the wash. So many cute outfits!!

See? I did a lot of eating. ;)

Here’s a bonus video of Mike testing out our new monitors the other night. I really hope our babies don’t sound like that…

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It’s true: I’m the laziest vegan ever.

I have a confession to make:

I’m a lazy cook.

Like, super lazy.

Sure, like any card-carrying herbivore, I have a nice little collection of vegan cookbooks propped up on a shelf above my stove. I even have a binder full of recipes that I’ve clipped out of magazines over the years. And copies of vegweb recipes scattered here and there.

Yes, I’m fully armed with the resources & inspiration to create a plethora of yummy, cooked-from-scratch vegan delicacies.

The problem? Recipes scare me. More specifically, crazy long lists of ingredients: A cup of this, a teaspoon of that, a dash of some random spice I’ve never heard of, a tablespoon of the juice of an exotic fruit that you can only buy in Chinatown during a lunar eclipse…

So it goes without saying that the first thing I do when I consider trying out a new recipe is jump down to the ingredient list. If there’s more than, say, 10 or so components, it’s a no-go.

With that said, I bring you one of my favorite, super easy go-to “recipes” for Yummy Vegan Pasta Salad. I used quotes because it’s really not much of a recipe, per say… More of a common sense list of ingredients that can be easily swapped for other things — perfect for the lazy cook!

I make this for summer gatherings & my (non-veg) family seems to dig it. I whipped up a batch for Memorial Day & I’ve been enjoying the leftovers all week. So good!

pasta salad vegan

Not the prettiest picture, but yummy nonetheless!

Wendy’s Super-Easy Vegan Pasta Salad

  • 1 box of your favorite pasta (I used some kind of spinach/zucchini blend)
  • 1 lb of carrots (7-8 medium sized), sliced
  • 1 small can of garbanzo beans
  • 1 red pepper, diced
  • a few fork-fulls (real technical here, guys) of sliced green olives
  • your preferred dressing of choice (I used Wegmans brand sub oil – sooo good!)

Boil the pasta, chop the veggies, run cold water over the pasta to cool it down before draining it & mixing all the veggies in. Add as much dressing as you like. Mix. Let it chill in the fridge for a bit, and enjoy! Bam! So easy!

Obviously you can throw in any other ingredients you’d like, and omit anything you don’t — except the pasta — that’s kind of important. ;)

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Let them eat waffles…

24 weeks twins

24 weeks & kicking like mad

We made it to another milestone yesterday — 24 weeks!

So exciting!

The ultrasound appointment went well and everything is looking good. Baby A is now 1.5 pounds and B is a tad bigger at 1.6 pounds. Nice & healthy weights! Not bad for a vegan momma, huh? ;)

As usual, the girls were both kicking their little legs like crazy, which the u/s tech attributed to the sugary breakfast I had (vegan waffles, oj & watermelon). Oops. Oh well, they looked like they were enjoying themselves. You’re welcome, kiddos.

Baby A still sticks to one little corner of my uterus, while B stretches out and seems to have claimed the whole place as her own. She even poked her nosy head into the shot while the tech was trying to get scans of her sister. Such strong personalities already… Hopefully A will hold her own & fight back once they’re out of the confines of my womb. Either way, I’m definitely going to have my hands full with these guys. We better start thinking about a good spot for a time-out corner…

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Goats & pigs & chickens, oh my!

down on the farm

Mike loooves vacations. Pssh.

Mike and I don’t take many trips. In the time that we’ve been together (since 2008), we’ve only gone to a handful of places, all of which were a couple hours away. He’s not a fan of long car trips. (Or, you know, leaving the house.)

Fortunately for me, Farm Sanctuary‘s New York shelter is only about a two-hour drive from Buffalo. A quite scenic, lovely drive!

Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes region, Farm Sanctuary is a great day trip destination if you live in upstate New York (or thereabouts). It’s also close to Watkins Glen, which offers some good vegan dining options, including vegan soft serve ice cream! Heck yes!

At the farm, there are plenty of rescued pigs, cows, goats, chickens, sheep & various other critters who are happy to pose for photos and give kisses. There are guided tours every hour, which are fun & informative for vegans & non-vegans alike.

I know I’m only 16 weeks pregnant, but I’m already looking forward to taking the twins there. So many great photo ops!

i fell in love with a baby goat

There were so many baby goats!

baby goat

Drink up, lil’ goat!


Such a pretty clucker!

happy pig

The piggies all looked so happy!



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