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The girls are full of…


Well, on good days anyway… But I’ll take it!

Happy Chloe!

Happy Everly!

Of course it’s only fitting that as I’m typing this, they’re being fussy little turdies… ;)

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Oh, October… How I love thee.

Autumn is in full swing & I couldn’t be happier!

I’m sitting on my comfy couch, sipping pumpkin spice coffee, half-listening to Anderson Cooper as he kindly provides background noise. The girls are asleep (well, one is) and the space heater is kickin’ out the warmz.

Cardigans are an everyday staple now and slippers never leave my feet.

The house is adorned with candy corn lights, vintage-inspired Halloween decorations, and orange candles. Patient pumpkins sit on a kitchen chair, waiting to be carved.

Needless to say, October is one of my favorite months of the year and I plan to savor every bit of it! — But it’s already halfway over! Noooo!

With that said, here are some highlights of my month so far, via good ol’ Instagram:

Mike & I celebrated our 2-year wedding anniversary with dinner at my favorite Thai restaurant. From top left: Vegetarian vegetable soup, vegetable tempura, Asian pumpkin tofu curry. Soooo good!!

Chloe has been full of goofy faces lately. She’s definitely the more expressive twin.


Sleepy Everly.

Picking out pumpkins at the stand near my parent’s house. Felt so weird having to buy FOUR this year!

We got 2 big pumpkins and 2 medium-sized ones for $8.00. Not too shabby.

Hanging out in bed with mommy & daddy, watching godawful Saturday morning kids shows.

Hope everyone else is having a fun-tastic October too!! :) Oh, and feel free to follow me on Instagram (username “veganwendy”)!

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Remembering June, the month of non-stop eating.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of July! — July!!

If Baby A continues to mercilessly kick on my cervix (the girl wants OUT!), it’s very possible that July will be their birth month. Of course I’m hoping to keep them in longer, but I’ll be 34 weeks at the end of the month, so it wouldn’t be awful if they came that soon. Plus, I really can’t wait to meet them! And be able to breathe/sleep/walk/leave the house again!

I’m way overdue for a “bumpdate” post, but I haven’t been taking many self portraits lately. Being on bedrest gives me no motivation to do my hair or makeup, so I’m not exactly feeling very photogenic these days. I’ll try to make myself presentable next week for a 30-wk update. No promises.

For now, here’s a little recap of the month of June, Instagram-style. (Where it appears that all I did this month was EAT.)

vegan pizza

I made a perfect vegan cheese pizza that I’ve been craving since it was gone, but Wegmans has been out of Daiya for the last 2 weeks. Boo.

sweet corn

I’ve eaten corn on the cob every week since it’s been in season. So good!

vegan burrito

Mike & I made burritos with Boca crumbles, Daiya, lettuce & tomatoes. Not the most photogenic meal, but so good!

Grilled Daiya, Tofurky & tomato sammies. I had this for dinner like 4 times in the last 2 weeks. mmmm!


At the hospital, where we waited 2 hours for a steroid shot in my butt. Not a fun day.

vegan cake

Piece of the vegan cake that my MIL made for me. I wish I had more left!


Flowers that I planted on our back porch. All pink to welcome the twins!

vegan cinnamon roll

Cinnamon roll from Christmas that I found in my freezer. haha It was still delicious!

baby clothes

I went through all of the baby clothes we got the other day, cutting off tags & getting them ready for the wash. So many cute outfits!!

See? I did a lot of eating. ;)

Here’s a bonus video of Mike testing out our new monitors the other night. I really hope our babies don’t sound like that…

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Remembering April, with a bit o’ help from Instagram.

Well, daaamn April, you sure came and left in a hurry. Sup wit dat?

I seriously can’t believe it’s almost May — and that I’m already more than halfway through my pregnancy. What. The. Heck?

Time has been going by so fast that it’s gotten hard to remember what I’ve done from one day to the next. Thankfully, I still take time to snap a ton of photos with my iPhone & upload ’em to Instagram so I have a nice little visual record of my daily activities. Hurrah!

With that said, here’s a quick “April in Review“, Instagram-style!

sick girl

Easter was no fun. It was the only day (knock on wood) that I’ve thrown up during my pregnancy. I was stuck in bed instead of enjoying Easter festivities at my parent’s house. Boo.twins 18 weeks

Went for my 18-week anatomy scan. That’s when we found out that we’re having 2 little girls! Awwww…

windy day window

We had a few “open up all the windows in the middle of April” days. I loved feeling the breeze throughout the house. So nice!vegan pancakes merge

Mike & I went for brunch at Merge, where I had vegan red velvet pancakes. Soooo rich & filling! After that, we went to Cowpok to get my naval ring removed. I’d had it for over 10 years & figured it wouldn’t quite hold up through a twin pregnancy. I look so bare now!little wendy turtle

I stumbled upon an old photo of me circa 1980 or so. Looks like I’ve always had a fondness for turtles.

pregnancy parking

I parked in an “expectant moms only” spot for the first time. Look at those clouds, I’d be crazy not to!

old bottles window

Part of my (mostly) vintage glass bottle collection. I love how they look in my big, old windows!

snarky lego guyI saw this snarky-looking Lego guy in Target. He looks like he’s just asking to be punched in the face, doesn’t he? Pow!

young until i die punk

A dorky self-portrait from earlier today, trying to remind my 33-year old pregnant self that there’s still a 16-yr old punk rock girl within me. :)

(If anyone wants to follow me on Instagram, my username is “veganwendy”.)

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I crave pain. Colorful pain.

birds on the porchWith warmer weather comes less clothing. Less clothing results in more bared skin. And for me, bared skin means the urge to cover it up… with colorful tattoos.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been super pale. I mean PALE. Ghost-like. I’d like to blame it on my Welsh heritage, but really, I’m just not a big fan of the sun. I can’t remember a time when I’ve actually had an actual tan. It’s either brutal, lobster-like sunburns, or nothing. Thanks, sun.

Every time spring rolls around, and I revert back to my sleeveless dresses, I yearn to cover my pasty white arms with colorful tattoo-y goodness. If it wasn’t for my pathetic inability to make decisions and stick to them without changing my mind 38938 times, I’d surely have full sleeves at this point. But alas, I suck at bringing my ideas from conception, to paper, to skin. I constantly come up with what I think are awesome concepts for a new piece, but my lack of drawing skills & inability to clearly explain my vision just leads me to scrap the ideas altogether. So. Frustrating.

I haven’t thought too much about new ink lately, but only because I’m pregnant & getting a tattoo isn’t the most responsible thing I can do for my lil’ rosebuds. However, I’m sure once they’re here, I’ll be anxious to get more work done. Possibly some kind of tribute to them? We’ll see.

So here are my current tattoos. There’s definitely things I would like to change about them now, in hindsight, but such is life.

vegan tattoo wrist

This was my first tattoo. The word “vegan” done in green ink. I think I got it in 2007. Done with vegan-friendly ink, by a friendly vegan artist.

I used the logo from The Vegan Society, but tweaked it to leave out the flower part.

birds right armNext, I got a small branch with 2 blue birds on my right wrist. Soon after, I added more branches & more birds. I sketched the basic design & my artist drew it up & made it permanent. There are definitely parts about it that I wish I had done differently, but overall, I’m still happy with it. My biggest concern is that it looks “upside-down” to everyone but me (which I didn’t really consider at the time). Also, the design doesn’t leave much room for adding on to, even though there’s a lot of empty space. Ehhh..

Once my right arm was done, I felt that my left arm looked too bare, soooo… I added to that as well. More birds, more branches, more petals, a birdcage… I also decided to kind of link both arms together, by adding an opened lock on the left arm, and a bird flying away with a key on the right. As the birds fly up over the word “vegan”, it depicts how animals should live – unconfined and free.

I’ve actually seen quite a few photos of other people on the web who have ripped off this tattoo. It’s kind of frustrating, but I guess that’s to be expected when you post your ideas online. The same thing has happened to my husband. Seems there are a lot of people out there who lack creativity. Tisk, tisk.

I have one more tattoo to share, but I’ll save that for a future post.

Happy Spring tattoo-ing!!

full arms on porch

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