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The downside of old homes & the underside of my babies

Christmas 2004

First winter at my new, old house. 2004.

Yesterday was a day of big discoveries for Mike & I. Two big discoveries: 1 good & 1 not-so-good.

I’ll start with the not-so-good.

My entire life has been surrounded by “old” things. Er, vintage things. (That always sounds better, no?) Anyway, my parents were always going to antique malls, garage sales, estate sales, etc. – and bringing home the neatest little “treasures”. This instilled in me the love for all things old vintage –including houses.

When my ex-boyfriend & I were looking to forgo our apartments and buy a home together in 2004 (yeah, not a good idea!), it went without saying that I would gravitate towards the older homes. They have so much more history, so much character… So it was no surprise that we decided on a big green colonial house that was built in good ol’ 1910.

I absolutely fell in love with my new home, and it proved to be a more worthwhile investment than the relationship with my then boyfriend — who left me less than a year later for another girl. (Nice, huh?) Thankfully, I was able to get his name removed from the mortgage and become the sole owner. Take that, jerk!

So fast forward a few years to yesterday. Mike & I have been renovating the soon-to-be nursery — mainly stripping the walls of the many layers of wallpaper that have been pasted onto one another over the years. Flowered designs from the 80’s… green & orange stripes from the 60’s… old racecars from the 50’s… We were peeling back decades of someone else’s memories and I couldn’t help but wonder about the people who had called that room their own over the years. Ahhhhh! So neat! I LOVE old homes!!

Nursery in progress

Ah, the joys of renovation.

vintage race car wallpaper

I LOVE this old race car wallpaper!

Unfortunately, my “old home love” was challenged when we got down to what looked like green paint & my first thought was “Uh oh – what if it’s lead-based?” So our scraping was put on hold while I went to procure a lead paint detection kit. I brought it home & Mike tested various painted areas of the house. Turns out my concerns were valid. Our window frames/tracks tested positive for high levels of lead. The wall, however, seemed fine.


Old windows = bad news.

So now, here we are, nursery renovation on hold — faced with the problem of lead removal. Our old windows are HUGE and would cost thousands of dollars to replace. Not cool. I honestly don’t know what we’re going to do at this point…

BUT! – on a lighter note — Our second big discovery of the day was…

We found out that we’re having 2 little GIRLS!!!

girl ultrasound baby

This better be the ONLY time her genitals appear on the internet!

Baby A 18 weeks ultrasound twins

Baby girl #1

baby girl ultrasound 18 weeks

Baby girl #2 – the “wild one” according to the radiologist

hand ultrasound baby twins


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